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Phoenix Healthcare specializes in providing innovative Contract Sales and Marketing solutions and Sales Force Effectiveness programs to the pharmaceutical (including medical foods and veterinary), biotech & medical device industries (including dental). These solutions are client focused and specifically designed to suit your business needs.

Innovation in Healthcare

Phoenix Healthcare

Phoenix Healthcare was founded, by a group of highly experienced outsourcing business professionals, as a result of over 60 years of combined success in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries and Healthcare services sector in the United States and Europe.

We have experience and significant expertise in a providing comprehensive Contract Sales and Marketing solutions and Sales Force Effectiveness programs in the United States.

Our mission is to provide our business partners, regardless of size, outstanding solutions and service combined with innovation to the challenges facing Companies within the Healthcare industry. Phoenix Healthcare recognizes that the business environment for these industry sectors is changing and that there is a need for highly professional, tailor made outsourcing services offering a rapid, effective response and delivering the best ROI.

We are dedicated to making a measurable difference to your business and wish to develop a long-term business partnership with you rather than a client customer relationship. Why not email us via our contact page or call 407 792 2255 to see if we can provide a solution to your business needs.

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