We understand the challenges you face because we have faced them ourselves. Every program is designed to meet your business needs, as the commercial drivers are different in every company.

Our leadership development programs immerse your first-line managers in practical, hands-on live simulation exercises.

These programs include:

• Calibration – an online tool giving sales leaders an insight into how managers assess sales calls against company standards.

• Coaching Masterclass – designed to observe managers coach sales representatives.

• Difficult Conversations – created to improve the quality of performance conversations that can be complex, challenging and uncomfortable for the manager and the employee.

• Emerging Leaders – part of succession plans that include competency skill-based development for leaders of the future.

Simulation events include:

• In-Call Quality (ICQ) – it is possible to navigate any number of representatives through a specified number of sales calls with either a Health Care Professional or Simulator (professionally trained associates) in a fixed period of time.

• Inside Sales ICQ – Phoenix Healthcare has successfully developed a self-supported system that allows the use of telephone technology to maximize the effectiveness of the day, in any location.


Using cutting-edge technology, we can analyze results and address key training issues during the training event, enabling managers and their sales teams, to get the most out of the day as they possibly can.


“I would call the In-Call Quality event a huge success. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Phoenix Healthcare”

Sales Training Lead, March 2019

“We have such a favorable impression of the Phoenix Healthcare team, your professionalism and expertise is outstanding”

National Sales Director, November 2018

“The Masterclass was a unique experience and provides us as an organization with a level of insight we have never had before”

Sales Force Effectiveness Lead, January 2019

“The Emerging Leader program is extremely useful and has enhanced our new manager interview process”

Head of Human Resource and Development, October 2018

“This was a fun event and a great learning experience; role-play practice with real HCPs is very valuable. Really enjoyed it”

Specialty Account Manager, March 2019

“This was a great simulation program, it was extremely useful to be able to observe my colleagues and share best practice. The environment felt very real-life”

Regional Sales Director, November 2018

“I have never seen 500 sales folks go through an event like this, your team facilitated this seamlessly, very impressive”

Head of Marketing, March 2019