Skill-based learning, in a real-life environment, prior to promotion as part of an emerging leaders’ program, can offer early insights and set clear expectations to help these prospective first-line managers understand their new role and the impact they can have through coaching.

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For many new first-line managers with hugely successful sales careers, the leadership discipline required when in a sales call with a representative who is failing to sell to the customer is too much to bear and they feel the need to take over the call at their earliest opportunity. They become a ‘super rep’ and miss the true nature of their new role and the opportunity to coach and develop the representative to better equip them to become more effective in their sales role.

Difficult Conversations
When taking over a team as a new manager, at some point the need will arise to discuss a performance issue with an individual.

New first-line managers may have very little insight into the nature of these conversations, as it is unlikely they will have been exposed to this type of experience. As a result, they may struggle to conduct these difficult conversations. Offering the opportunity to practice in a safe environment builds leadership competency in areas such as emotional intelligence.

The Phoenix Healthcare team are experts in designing and facilitating programs which immerse first-line managers in practical, hands-on live simulation exercises providing a unique opportunity for you to observe performance and offer feedback.

Phoenix Healthcare has a unique perspective in these issues as our principals have led nationally-based sales teams in the United States and Europe.

We understand the challenges you face because we have faced them ourselves. Every program is built to deliver to your exact needs as the sales model, competency frameworks and commercial drivers are different in every company.


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