Studies conservatively estimate the United States pharmaceutical industry spends twenty-four percent (24%) of their revenues on promotion. The current commercial model is based on years of improving the means of influencing health care professionals as decision makers.

“Sales calls to health care professionals” are the most powerful tool for driving business.

The Phoenix Healthcare team are experts in designing and facilitating programs which immerse your first-line managers in practical, hands-on live simulation and calibration exercises providing a unique opportunity for you to offer feedback on performance.

Phoenix Healthcare has a unique perspective in these issues as our principals have led nationally-based sales teams in the United States and Europe.

We understand the challenges you face because we have faced them ourselves. Every program is built to deliver to your exact needs as the sales model, competency frameworks and commercial drivers are different in every company.

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In most companies, the sales force ‘the most powerful tool for driving new sales’, is in the hands of people whose abilities are rarely assessed.

Seldom, if ever, after being promoted or hired does a company regularly and objectively evaluate the ability of first-line managers in key areas:

1. Calibrate their understanding of how sales calls should be assessed against company standards.

2. Coach their people after a sales call with a customer which has been viewed by observers.

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