Phoenix Healthcare based in Central Florida are experts in designing and facilitating simulation selling and management programs. Our management development programs immerse your first-line managers in practical, hands-on live simulation exercises and our in-call quality programs events take your salesforce away from mere assessment and examination and transports them into the world they know best – that of selling, succeeding, winning – being the best!

Phoenix Healthcare has a unique perspective in these types of programs in that our principals have led nationally based sales teams and are professionally human resourced qualified.

We understand the challenges you face because we have faced them ourselves. Every program is built to deliver your exact needs, as the sales model, competency frameworks and commercial drivers are different in every company.

Phoenix Healthcare, similar to the NASA Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory in Houston, Texas which provides astronauts a safe place to hone their skills for working in the harsh environment of space, offers safe simulation laboratories for first-line managers to learn and hone their skills.

We have the ability for observers to watch in real time the entire interaction of these simulations, without being present in the room.

Our management development expertise includes:

  • Calibrating managers – An online tool designed to give sales leaders an insight into how managers assess the same sales call against company standards.
  • Understanding how your managers coach – Simulation programs designed to observe managers coach sales representatives after a sales call with a customer (simulator if preferred).
  • Difficult Conversations – During their careers, first-line managers will be asked to conduct numerous feedback conversations with their employees regarding job performance.  performance discussions can be complex, challenging and uncomfortable for the manager and the employee.
  • Emerging Leaders – Most companies, justifiably, like to promote from within whenever possible especially when recruiting new first-line managers from their pool of outstanding sales representatives. However, many companies don’t have succession plans that include competency skill-based development.
  • Representative Drift – Representatives can begin to drift off message and their selling skills change after they leave their initial training program. Why do representatives drift off message and skills?

We believe that before you start on the journey of improving the skills of first-line