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Sales Force Effectiveness

Training solutions, tailor-made to your business

We understand that if utilized correctly your salesforce is the most powerful tool you have to obtain customer engagement in the market-place. However, it is also the most expensive and therefore it is vital that you get the most out of it.

We use our expertise in customized training solutions, to analyze your sales force’s performance, and help your managers make the changes they need to accelerate their team’s growth and maximize their sales potential.

Using cutting-edge technology, we can analyze results and address key training issues during the training event, enabling managers and their sales teams, to get the most out of the day as they possibly can.  Through the use of our technology, your sales teams will have access to their results, enabling further development following the event.

Sales Force Effectiveness

Sales Force Effectiveness Programs we offer are:-

  • Simulation Selling Events
  • Forensic Analytics
  • Management Development Programs
  • The Recruitment Evaluation Program (REP)
  • The Coaching thru Observation Program (COP)

The benefits to your Company are:-

  • Strengthen and drive the performance of the sales team
  • Address key training issues
  • Maximize sales performance
  • Accelerate growth of sales team and Company

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