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The Recruitment Evaluation Program (REP)

Management Development

Management Development
In field-based sales it is difficult for organizations to be able to observe and evaluate managers in interviewing and coaching settings, therefore making it difficult to evaluate and improve those skills and share best practice amongst their colleagues.

At Phoenix Healthcare we understand these constraints and have taken a pragmatic approach to this challenge. By devising training programs that re-create these environments, managers can be observed and evaluated dealing with real employees, real candidates and real customers.

The Recruitment Evaluation Program (REP)
We created the REP based upon the principle that outstanding interview skills can not only be identified but evaluated and shared through observation and a feedback loop. It allows Senior Management and Human Resources to develop a process to improve the recruitment experience for the candidate and select the right person for the available opportunity.

The REP process provides a unique opportunity to observe, measure, and develop the questioning skills used by your management team. We employ CCTV so that both you and your observers are able to evaluate the skills.  All interactions are observed remotely, and provide appropriate feedback in a safe and secure environment.

The Coaching through Observation Program (COP)
We created the ‘COP’ to enable outstanding coaching skills to be not only seen, but shared through observation. The program provides a unique opportunity to observe, measure and develop coaching skills used by your management team.

We observe all interactions remotely, including the pre-call, the actual call and the post call feedback. CCTV is used in order for you and your observers to be able to evaluate the skills and feedback, whilst being in a safe and secure environment.

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