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Forensic Analytics

Forensic Analytics

Phoenix Healthcare has teamed up with European based neoNavitas to offer award winning Prometheus Forensic Analytics to the US Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device Industries. On average, pharmaceutical companies spends between 20% and 25% of its revenue on promotion but between 30% and 40% of this promotion is wasted. Imagine if you knew where?
  • Eliminate ineffective activities
  • Align sales operation to environment
  • Identify the optimal strategy
  • Deliver sales call efficiency

What would you like to know?

Ask yourself these questions:-

  • How productive is my salesforce?
  • What activities are driving the most sales?
  • What activities are not delivering?
  • Regional analysis – what activities are most productive by region?
  • Are your customers’ homogenous?
  • How do offices vary by characteristics? And how do those offices respond?
  • Which team is delivering? Great way to look at CSO vs. head count
  • How can I Benchmark my organization?
  • Did those expensive items deliver anything? E-detailing?
  • Where can we make efficiencies?

What makes Prometheus so different?

Prometheus Forensic audit process is a non-invasive, award winning and unique way to view your world. Prometheus uses all of your data and is not based on a sample, which is what commonly happens with many commercial products. The technology and systems to produce this award winning audit have only been available recently. The world of analytics has changed!

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