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Our Services

Dedicated Sales Representatives

Professional, experienced teams, built to order

It doesn’t matter if you are a start-up business or an existing company, if you want growth then we can provide it. We can supply you with your required number of sales professionals, built to order, which will match all your business needs.

It might be that you are considering:

  • Launching a fresh brand in a new market and you want to keep your primary sales focused on the existing products.
  • Looking at a micro-marketing initiative from a temporary change in market conditions.
  • Just promoting a brand for a fixed period, for example, a seasonal campaign.

The benefit of having sales professionals is that it allows you to have as much or as little involvement as you like. It also allows you to audit their work before they begin your project.

We work with you, while putting together a new team, to agree sales functions and KPI’s. When the contracted period ends, we give you the option to bring the team in-house for no extra fee.

You can alter the required resource at any time, without having to worry about headcount or the cost implications of downsizing. Phoenix Healthcare can supply any number of representatives that you may require to suit your business needs.

Phoenix Healthcare has developed ‘Transparent Pricing’, which we believe to be the most cost effective available on the market. We would like to take the opportunity to give your business the chance to make a measurable difference. Call us now on 407 792 2255 or request an information pack at info@phoenix-hc.com