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Clinical Nurse Teams

Clinical Nurse Teams

Clinical Nurse Teams

Cariad Health Solutions prides itself on delivering excellence in Corporate and Clinical Governance events and Continual Professional Development. Using a program of events developed by Clinical Educators for Clinical Educators, we will partner your organization and help you improve your Nurse Teams and enhance patient care.

We will create a safe environment to enhance your Nurse’s ability to develop their own Clinical Accountability. Using your own Core Competencies and an individual educational needs analysis we can mentor each nurse through their own clinical activity.

Consultation Quality Validation

Ask yourself these questions…..

Are you confident that your Nurse Teams are being the best Clinical Educators they can be?
Are they safe in the delivery of these key parameters whilst compliant to Codes of Conduct, minimum clinical standards and HIPAA?
Are they reaching their maximum potential?
Are they delivering the most compelling messages and utilizing clinical persuasion to increase patients’ willingness to adhere with their treatment plan?

Our Collaborative approach will ensure:

  • Patient, Caregiver or Office education of disease area.
  • Commitment to enhancement of patient care and encouragement to adherence.
  • Delivery of Key Messages towards their treatment.
  • Compliant within the boundaries of governance and ethical/legal contracts

Find out how Cariad Health Solutions can help improve your Nurse Teams by calling 407 792 2255 or request an information pack at info@phoenix-hc.com