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Inside Sales

Cost effective, targeted sales solutions

Healthcare companies are increasingly deploying inside sales teams as part of the mainstream sales organization. They then convert into a customer-centric orientation, providing the customer with what they want, at a time and through a medium that is convenient for them. Our sales professionals liaise with offices every day and provide the following services:

  • Phone detailing: Sales professionals understand how the offices run, and work hard to interact with every staff member to get the best possible outcome.
  • Pre-qualifying leads: Within a sales environment, your sales professional will have large territories to cover, and their time will be precious. Our team will be able to contact your customers to confirm their interest in your products, which in turn maximizes the face-to-face interaction of your sales professionals.
  • Pharmacy calls: Our experienced team is able to cover more pharmacies in a day than the field-based personnel, which is specifically important when boosting sales using new information.
  • Direct marketing campaign: As with any direct marketing campaign, the information can be transmitted via email, fax or direct mail communications.

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